Children's University

You may also be interested in the Children's University.  Here you will find useful links or information that may be relevant to your children.  

For more information, please contact Sue Edwards (Notley Green Primary School Co-ordinator) at

or take a look at the university website

If you are interested in your child becoming a member of the Children's University, please see the information below.

Click on the link below to discover the events being held over the summer period.


What is the Children's University?

Getting the most from being involved

If your child wishes to participate, they can start by using a provisional passport. These can be found on the Children's University noticeboard at school or a copy can be found below.

Provisional Passport

Once your child has completed 10 hours of learning and wishes to continue, then they can apply for a full passport.


Take a look at the latest news from the CU, together with their Winter Challenge, by clicking on the attachments.